Wiebke Hahn

Art Theorist and Curator


Dr. Wiebke Hahn (* 1987, she/her) is an independent art theorist and curator with a great expertise in contemporary art and culture, writing and project management based in Berlin. Since 2021, she is a lecturer at Berlin University of the Arts. She studied art history at Leipzig University, cultural management studies at European University Viadrina, and contemporary art theory at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. In 2021, she completed her PhD on the materiality and political aesthetics of performative practices in public space at the Free University of Berlin; her dissertation Situation as Material was published that same year by Logos Verlag Berlin. Further research interests focus on artistic utopias, spaces of remembrance, a renewed understanding of sculpture and transcultural dynamics in modern society. Her exhibition projects have a socio-political and interdisciplinary focus and experiment with various formats of presentation and communication.

Requests for exchange and collaborations in the context of conceiving exhibitions and publications, writing, research and project management are always welcome, simply get in touch via e-mail.

List of exhibitions and events

Radenko Milak. Navigating the Unknown
30 June 2022-5 July 2022
Priksa Pasquer Paris, 6 rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais, 75003 Paris

We just want to be closer. Singarum J. Moodley and Neo I. Matloga
25 February 2022-30 April 2022
Galerie der Stadt Backnang

Sleeping Promises. An Exhibition of Fachklasse Neugebauer, Universität der Künste Berlin, with Wiebke Hahn
17 February-20 February 2022
feldfünf Projekträume im Metropolenhaus

We just want to be closer. Singarum J. Moodley and Neo I. Matloga
24 October 2021-13 February 2022
Museum Marta Herford

Radenko Milak. Relics of Tomorrow
From 8 October 2021
Priska Pasquer Virtual Gallery Link to enter gallery

Look! Exposing Art and Fashion
4 September 2021-3 March 2022
Museum Marta Herford

Deceptive Images—Playing with Painting and Photography
31 October 2020—15 August 2021
Museum Marta Herford

Visions of Exchange. Mercedes-Benz Art Scope Award 2009–2017
2 June—4 November 2018
Daimler Contemporary Berlin

AIDD Wanders—People’s Collection
An investigation of the British Museum’s collection
by Ana Mendes, in collaboration with AIDD Collective and artistic co-advisor Ines Valle
14 Februrary 2015
British Museum, London

AIDD Wanders—London Housing Code
by Noura Al-salem, in collaboration with AIDD Collective
12 July 2014
South London

AIDD—Action, Intervention and Daily Deployment
Launch of online achive aestheticsofprotest.org
With a performance by Alexandra Baybutt, Mira Loew and Jane Frances Dunlop
Part of Telegraph Hill Festival
26 March 2014
Harts Lane Studios, London

Writing (selection)

Wiebke Hahn: “Situation als Material. Interventionskunst als politische Aktivität. Die Aktionen des Zentrums für Politische Schönheit und die Präsenz- und Produktionsarbeiten von Thomas Hirschhorn”, Logos Verlag Berlin 2021.

“We just want to be closer. Singarum J. Moodley and Neo I. Matloga”, publication for the exhibition of the same name.

“Die Fotografie im Gewand der Malerei”, for Marta-Blog.

“Deceptive Images. Playing with Painting and Photography”, Guide and Index—Timeline, publications for the exhibition of the same name.

“Kunstevolution mit Dirk Braeckman”, for Marta-Blog.

“Relikte bewegter Zeiten: Geschichte erzählen mal anders”, for Marta-Blog.

“Gläserne Durchsicht als politisches Programm”, for Marta-Blog.

„The Freedom to Dream“, in: Marta Herford (Hg.), “Glass and Conrete—Manifestations of the Impossible“, Verlag Kettler 2019.

“Presence and Production. The Robert Walser-Sculpture as Activating Event”, in: Kathleen Bühler, Schweizer Plastikausstellung Biel (ed.), “THOMAS HIRSCHHORN ROBERT WALSER-SCULPTURE 2019, BIEL/BIENNE”, Hatje Cantz 2020.

“Pop-Pop-Pop-Pocorn – Humor als Stilmittel im Werk von Navid Nuur”, for Marta-Blog.

“History as an Act of Re-presentation. Spaces of Remebrance in Visual Art”, in: Renate Wiehager (ed.), “Evoking Reality. Constituting Actuality in Photography and Video Art”, Daimler Contemporary Berlin, November 25th 2018—June 10th 2019, accompanying exhibition brochure.

“Guerilla gardening and urban gardening—creating spaces of urban alterity”, for AIDD Archive.

“Elham Rokni”, in: Renate Wiehager (ed.),“Private/Corporate VII. Doron Sebbag Art Collection, ORS Ltd., Tel Aviv, and Daimler Art Collection”, Stuttgart/Berlin, Hatje Cantz 2012.

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